Notifications & Pop Ups

Notifications and pop ups, if created correctly, can improve communication with your visitors and boost your hotel's direct bookings. The Ratestrip Price Check Widget offers many features, with modern visuals from which you can choose and create different types of messages according to your needs.

Create notifications & pop ups to promote your offers and improve the user experience.

Pop Up

Create a Pop Up to show your visitors the information you want. Choose from ready-made templates and adapt them to the specific needs of your website for better interaction with your audience.

Exit Pop Up

Activate an Exit Pop Up that will appear as soon as the visitor is about to leave your website. Use a beautiful photo with an attractive message and persuade them to stay on your website for a while longer.

Booking Engine Offers

Incorporate into your website the available offers on the booking engine. Promote your offers to visitors who may not have reached this page otherwise.

Web Notifications

Web notifications are smart messages that you can activate to inform your visitors about news on your page, benefits you want to promote or anything else you wish.

Subscribe now

With Subscribe now Pop Up your visitors can enter their email and you can contact them by sending them special offers or newsletter campaigns.

Before Exit Alerts

Keep visitors a little longer on your site by activating Before Exit Alerts, the automated messages that the browser displays to visitors as soon as they press the x button to leave a web page.

Price Alert

Prices in some cases can change very quickly. Make sure your visitors see the actual prices you offer by activating Price Alerts.

Social media pop up

Encourage your visitors to follow you on social media to stay in touch and hear about all your latest news.

Integration With Newsletter

Activate a modern pop up and connect it to your newsletter, so that your visitors can easily register and you can send them your email campaigns.

Personalized experience

Give users a more personalized experience by choosing to whom the messages will be displayed.

Profit maximization

Increase the profits of your accommodation by smartly promoting your offers and services.

Mobile Friendly

All notifications and pop ups are designed to function perfectly on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

Complete personalization

Edit messages the way you want by changing photos, colors, text, buttons, etc.

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