Complete navigation experience for the visitor!

Ratestrip is fully integrated in each website based on the needs of each customer and the specifics of each accommodation. It adapts as you wish, enhances your direct bookings and maximizes your profits.

Targeted & effective promotion for your accommodation.

Ratestrip functions are designed to meet the needs of all accommodation types:
small or large hotels, villas, airbnbs or groups.

Direct Bookings

Turn your visitors into direct bookings, increase your sales and strengthen your website presence. Ratestrip is the ideal tool, as it increases your reservations up to 54%, while at the same time through Hotel Manager Platform you can fully manage your accommodation.

Price Check Widget

Direct comparison between your official price and the prices you have on other channels. Show your visitors you are the best choice!

Price Tracking

With the Price Tracking function, your visitors are automatically informed when your official price decreases.

Google Map Close Points

Show off any points of interest near your accommodation that users search more frequently on Google.

Parity Alert

The Parity Alert tool checks and notifies you every time the price on a channel drops more than the official one.

Hotel Manger Platform

On the Hotel Manager Platform you can view important statistics and easily manage your accommodation.

Reviews & comments

Incorporate the ratings and reviews you have into the channels. Your visitors no longer need to leave your site!

Pop Up & Gift Vouchers

Use smart retargeting messages to promote offers or services and attract your prospective guests. Smartly present all the information they want to know before completing their booking.

Web Notifications

Smart alerts to promote your hotel's facilities and services.


Wide range of personalized popups that appear as soon as someone enters your site.

Exit Pop-Ups

Help your visitors remember you by creating targeted exit pops.

Vouchers & Gift Cards

Increase your sales with smart Popups using digital e-Vouchers.

Exit Alert Messages

Keep visitors on your website for as much as possible.

Booking Engine Offers

Display on your website all the offers that are available on the booking engine.

Guest Messaging

Σε μα εποχή που ο ανταγωνισμός είναι τεράστιος, η άμεση επικοινωνία με τους επισκέπτες μπορεί να κάνει τη διαφορά! Επικοινωνήστε live μαζί τους μέσω ενός εύχρηστου chatting, ενισχύστε την αλληλεπίδραση και δείτε τις πωλήσεις σας να κορυφόνονται. 

Live Chat

Communicate in real time with your visitors through an easy-to-use Live Chat.

Connection with Blog

Show off your latest blogs, so visitors never miss your news.

User friendly

The chat is fully compatible with all devices so that guests can use it easily.

Messenger chat

Connect Facebook Messenger to the Chat for even easier use of the service.

Important Analytics

See statistics on the performance of the chat and the actions taken by each operator.

Complete history

See the complete history of each visitor, his personal details and the internal pages he visited.

Online Check In

The Online Check In service is a quick and easy Check In System. Your guests fill in all the necessary information before arriving at the accommodation, you save valuable time during the arrival while the whole process is done automatically and with greater safety for everyone.

Total of bookings

Send the check in to all your bookings. Online (from the official booking engine and the channels), as well as offline.

Upload Documents

Your guests can easily upload a photo of an official document (such as ID, passport or driver's license).

Automated process

Guests are notified of their online check-in automatically, via email or text message.

Online Signature

Your guests sign up easily, making the process completely compliant with GTPR rules.

Useful Statistics

On the platform you can see useful statistics for the service and the visitors who have completed the check in process.

Data collection

Visitors fill in all the information you want, and stay registered in the platform forever.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing gives you the ability to send targeted email campaigns to your visitors that promote your offers. It integrates with all your online bookings or any other service you wish (for example the Newsletter you have on your website), is GTPR compliant, and easy to use.

Online booking integration

Integrate your online bookings so that subscribers are automatically registered without any extra action from you.

Professional Templates

Choose from professional templates, create new ones, or upload the ones you already use.

Segmentations Usage

Use segments to send more personalized campaigns, creating filters or special fields.

Campaign Scheduling

Schedule your campaigns so that they are sent to the recipients on the date and time you wish.

Unlimited subscribers

Create unlimited listings with unlimited subscribers and create additional fields for better categorization.

Useful statistics

See statistics on service performance and the interaction your visitors have with your campaigns.

Ratestrip Price Check Widget & Hotel Manager Platform

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