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Price Check widget negates people’s assumption that OTAs are cheaper, which is the main reason they do not make direct bookings. Price Check widget connects seamlessly to your booking engine and displays a comparison between three OTAs live on your website.

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Our widget is specific for each hotel & chain. All design & contents are adapted to your website easily.


We take mobile seriously: all our products are fully adapted to any device: desktop, tablet or smart phone


Start generating more direct bookings with Ratestrip platform. Demonstrate your web visitors that booking directly is best than in an OTA!


Integration in your booking funnel is easy & simple:  just include a line of code in your page code.

Compare & Save money. Its simple!

You can present to your website visitor the special price, or loyalty rates you desire
for that period to get the direct booking. Boost your conversion rate and get more…



Price comparison Tool

With the Price Comparison tool you can display on your website the best available price on the web in real time. The visitors to your site will love this function and they will know that your site offers them the lowest booking price. This way you will build a relationship of trust with most of your guests!

Review Monitor on website

Inspire confidence in your potential clients by aggregating review scores from multiple sources, and personalising the reviews for every user.

With the Hotel Manager Platform integrated on your website, your latest customer review, star-rating, and average Hotel rating are displayed to every visitor.

reviews_monitor on website

price comparison tool -

Save Searches & remember you..

Help your visitors remember you, so that they complete their reservation later on.
Many users are not ready to confirm their booking on the first visit to your hotel’s website. Our system lets users save their searches and receive an email with your best available price. When they come back to your website, they’ll see a button to resume their previous search. This technique helps people who are researching where to stay

Web Notification on website

Automatic Notes

Promote your visitors to a web alert reservation.
Automatically post messages based on your site activity (e.g., “number of users searching for this hotel now”) and create customized notes to highlight specific benefits (e.g., “free cancellation up to 24 hours before Check in “).
At the same time you can show the number of bookings made in a day and more..!

price comparison tool -

rate comparison tool -

Parity Alert Report

The Hotel manager platform automatically informs you when t here i s a price not equal between your channels and t he official price offered within your website. With t he Parity alert Manager t ool, you can deal with any problem of i nequality between your prices without worrying.

The next t ime your channel price will be cheaper t han t he official site price, we will notify you:

We will i nitially hide t he price of t he channel from t he Price comparison t ool of your website and we will send you an email t o l et you know t hat t he official price of your page is higher t han t he other channels you are working on f or t he general search t hey made Your visitors. ( Includes date, country, currency, t otal amount of people )

So you can go t o t he platform t o f ix t he problem directly and have a r eliable and f air price.

Visitors must complete t heir booking directly at t he official r ate via your website and not go t o a collaborative channel t o pay more. This i s t he t ime f or you t o struggle f or your rights t o t he parity or t o t he best price t o be displayed at your website.

Messenger Integration

Help your clients easily, make contact with your business via messenger.

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Click to Call – Call me back

It easy for visitors of your site to quickly reach your reception by phone

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More Direct Bookings

Start generating more direct bookings with Ratestrip platform

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Flexibility & Speed

Widget can integrate beautifully into any page in your booking path.

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