Price Comparison Tool

Ratestrip is a modern Price Comparison Widget tool that can be integrated into any hotel website or any other accommodation. The goal is for visitors to see the price comparison as well as any other information they need in order to increase direct bookings.

Why choose Ratestrip for your hotel

Ratestrip is a tool that has helped hundreds of hotels boost their direct
bookings and increase their profits. It has all the necessary functions to
achieve this with constant improvements and updates.

100% customization

All Ratestrip fields are fully customizable to match seamlessly the aesthetic and style of your website.

Mobile friendly

Ratestrip also looks great on mobile, enhancing your website's image without compromising users' navigation.

Real time results

Ratestrip prices are updated in real time, giving your visitors only accurate results.

Easy installation

Installing Ratestrip is a very simple process. All you have to do is embed the code in your website.

Increase your direct bookings by up to 54%

Show your official prices in the most attractive way, convince your guests to make a direct reservation and increase the conversion rate of your hotel!


Price comparison Tool

The Price Comparison Tool makes a direct comparison between your official price and the prices you have on other channels. Your visitors will find that you are offering the best price, which will increase the chances of them completing a booking directly from your website.

Review Monitor

Many visitors search the channels for older ratings and reviews when trying to get an idea of the accommodation they find. Ratestrip lets you embed comments from Booking, Expedia, Hotels, TripAdvisor & Google and control which comments appear, so you are in complete control of your reviews.


Completion of booking on the website

Ratestrip allows your visitors to complete the booking process on your website without having to leave it at all. After selecting the room they want, the respective fields are displayed where they can fill in their details and complete the reservation. This makes their navigation even easier.

Personalized Web Notifications

Include personalized web notifications to promote offers and services to your audience or display messages based on visitor activity (e.g. when was the last booking made). There is an abundance of visual elements from which you can choose based on your needs.

notifications (1)

Smart Pop Ups & Exit Pop Ups

Activate a Pop Up that appears in the center of your screen and make sure your visitors see the most important information, or an Exit Pop Up with a tempting offer to boost your bookings.

Parity Alert Reports

Complete recording of disparities and control over online prices

The prices you offer online (on the booking engine and on other channels) play a huge role in whether a visitor will book directly or not. For example, if the price on is lower than your official price, it is more likely that your visitors will book from there. Ratestrip allows you to take full control of your online prices to avoid any loss of profits.

You can easily check for possible disparities with Parity Alert Reports. You are automatically informed by email every time the system recognizes that the price on a channel is lower than the official one, so you can change it if you wish. At the same time, the price of this channel is hidden in Ratestrip so that visitors do not have to leave your website.

You can also activate the Parity Timeline to receive a detailed report on channel prices based on the dates you have set. This saves valuable time and you are always informed about all the prices available online and make any corrections so that your website always remains the most advantageous option for the visitor.

Improve the relationship with your visitors

Ratestrip improves the relationship with your visitors as they immediately see all the information they need before completing their booking.

Relationship of trust

Show that your website is the most profitable choice and build a relationship of trust with your visitors.

Strengthen your brand name

Using modern tools such as Ratestrip you enhance the brand name and reputation of your hotel.

Integration with social media

Integrate all your social media in Ratestrip and encourage your visitors to follow you on them.

Special Benefits

Show what benefits you offer for those who make direct bookings and attract them even more.

Ratestrip Price Check Widget & Hotel Manager Platform

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