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Mini Price Comparison (Overview Price Comparison)

The Mini Price Comparison Widget or Overview Price Comparison Widget is a first overview where visitors can see the comparison between prices (direct price & channels) and all your ratings on the channels, ie the most important information they need.

Price Comparison

With the Price Check Widget tool visitors can compare the official price of your website with the other available online prices (OTAs) and see that the price you offer is the best available price online for direct booking.

Ratings & Comments

Many travelers visit the OTAs and metasearch channels to see new or old reviews. With Ratestrip you can display reviews and ratings on your website, while limiting the negative results and giving a clear, useful image to your visitors.

Parity Alerts & Reports

The key to higher revenue for your hotel is monitoring OTA prices. With Parity Alerts & Reports you are notified when a channel sells cheaper than you, so you always have control.

Price Tracking

Sometimes guests just wander around without really being ready to book. With the Price Tracking function they are automatically informed in case your price has decreased, while at the same time you have access to their email, which you can use for your next email campaign.

Personalized Web Notifications

Create dynamic notifications by choosing from a wide range of ready-made designs provided by our platform. Display the information you want your visitors to see in a smart way and at key points of your website.

Pop Up & Exit Pop Up

Display smart, modern pop ups or exit messages on your website, choosing from dynamic, ready-made templates that already exist on the platform. In addition, you can present on your website, offers that you have set on the booking engine you use.

Live Chat

Chatting has a very significant impact on the user experience. Enable Live Chat on your page for real-time communication with your customers! Create different operators (users), view the history of your visitors and gather all their personal information.

Booking Engine Offers

Incorporate into your website the available offers on the booking engine. Promote your offers even to visitors who may not have reached this page otherwise.

Vouchers & Gift Cards

Digital e-Vouchers give travellers the chance to purchase rooms / services without the need for binding dates. The coupons are issued according to the listed price, while their value is usually higher, giving the traveler an advantage. It is also the perfect gift for your loved ones!

Why work with us

Our company with years of experience in the tourism industry offers pioneering
tools in the field of digital. We build long-term relationships of trust with
our partners based on honesty and mutual support.

Hotel Manger Platform

In the easy-to-use Hotel Manger Platform you will see important statistics, getting an overall picture of the tool's performance.

Profit maximization

Ratestrip has been shown to increase direct bookings by up to 54%, making it the ideal tool.

Compatibility with all devices

The hotel manager platform is fully compatible with all devices, so you can use it fully wherever you are.

Full support

Our company offers full support and solves all requests or questions in the shortest possible time.

Proper training

At the beginning of our cooperation we train you to take full advantage of the capabilities of our tool.

Continuous development & updates

We are constantly improving our products with updates and improvements to fully meet the existing needs.

Ratestrip Price Check Widget & Hotel Manager Platform

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