SEO/PPC Competitive Research

Our company offers the best SEO software with useful information and statistics, as well as a detailed marketing plan with all the steps you need to follow to improve your ranking on the search engines.

A Complete System
Keyword Recording

Integrate the most popular search engines

Useful statistics per country

See analyses per device - desktop or mobile

Complete Google Statistics

In our platform, in addition to ranking statistics, you can see statistics for Google Maps, Google Ads, Google Analytics and all the features that the website has, such as snippets and videos.

Track your Competitors

The platform allows you to select your 5 main competitors and monitor their ranking in the search engines based on the keywords you have defined, as well as any changes that have taken place.

SERP Analysis (Search Engine Result Page)

View data according to the top 100 results so you can manage your online presence through important analytics. See past statistics that will help you create the right strategy for your accommodation.

Backlinks Check

See all the backlinks that link to your website. Check out which ones your competitors are using and subscribe to the pages you deem necessary.

Website Audit

Complete control of your website, with all the fields that meet the necessary standards but also those that need improvement.

Social media integration

Connect your accommodation's social media, schedule posts, and see statistics on how your audience interacts with them.

Why choose our SEO platform

The SEO platform gives a complete picture of the performance and ranking of your website. We provide you with a detailed, step by step marketing plan with all the actions you need to take. This includes analysis and research on keywords, on-site and mobile optimization, content strategy, off-site optimization and social media strategy.

100% valid statistics

Our platform uses smart algorithms so that the statistics
you see are 100% valid and reliable.

Complete Reports

Get access to a large number of reports that you
can save to use at any time you need them.

Marketing Plan

See listings of websites from different countries where you can register
for free to enhance your presence in different markets.

Complete security

Your data remains secure and is visible only to you.
No one else has access to them.

Complete Keyword Recording

See in detail your ranking in the various search engines (mainly Google) based on the keywords that interest you. Select the country or device you are interested in monitoring to see more specialized results.