Ratestrip Price Check Widget for group / chains

Ratestrip adapts perfectly to hotel chains or groups, highlighting their services and enhancing their direct bookings in the best way. Visitors see all the accommodations in a Multi property widget and after choosing what they are interested in, they compare all the available online prices, without having to leave the website.

Why choose Ratestrip

The Multri Property Widget is linked to the main page of your hotel group, presenting in an
appropriate way all of your hotels. Visitors see all the information they need without
looking at OTAs and metasearch channels, and you increase your direct bookings!

Multi Properties - Mini Widget

With the Multi Property - Mini Widget your visitors can see at a glance the most important information per accommodation. The comparison between your official price and the available prices that exist in the channels, but also the total of your rating.

Multi Properties Widget

In the Multi Property Widget, your visitors, after choosing the accommodation they are interested in, can see in detail all the information they need gathered on your website without having to look elsewhere.

Useful Statistics

In the easy-to-use Hotel Manager platform you can see useful performance statistics for both your website and the tool, such as statistics on prices, traffic and the bookings made.

Parity Reports

The key to higher revenue for your hotel is monitoring OTA prices. With Parity Alerts & Reports you are notified when a channel sells cheaper than you, so you always have control.

Personalized Web Notifications

Create dynamic notifications by choosing from a wide range of ready-made designs provided by our platform. Display the information you want your visitors to see in a smart way and at key points of your website.

Smart Pop Up & Exit Pop Up

Display smart, modern pop ups or exit messages on your website, choosing from dynamic, ready-made templates that already exist on the platform. In addition, you can present on your website, offers that you have set on the booking engine you use.

Booking Engine Offers

Incorporate into your website the available offers on the booking engine. Promote your offers even to visitors who may not have reached this page otherwise.

Vouchers & Gift Cards

Digital e-Vouchers give travellers the chance to purchase rooms / services without the need for binding dates. The coupons are issued according to the listed price, while their value is usually higher, giving the traveler an advantage. It is also the perfect gift for your loved ones!

Facilities & Services

Show your guests what benefits you offer for those who make a direct reservation. Free fruit basket upon arrival, online check in, free transfer, happy hour or discount on benefits are all services that would attract every visitor.

Increase your credibility

By displaying all the available online prices you gain the trust of your visitors, showing that they will find the lowest price on your website.

Easier navigation experience

All the information that visitors are looking for before making a reservation is gathered on your website.

Strengthen your brand name

The use of modern tools such as Ratestrip enhances the reputation and brand name of your business.

Ratestrip Price Check Widget & Hotel Manager Platform

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