Business Inteligence

See statistics and analyses that will improve the management of your accommodation and increase your direct bookings.

How can Hotel Manger Platform help you

By activating Ratestrip you gain access to the Hotel Manager Platform. There, you can fully manage your accommodation, use the tools in the way that suits your establishment and see useful statistics. All of these features enhance your online presence and eventually increase your sales.

Easy Management

The platform is very easy to navigate, as each section has a description that explains its function. Also, at the beginning of each of our collaborations, the client is trained and is given more information and instructions.

Modern Approach

The Hotel Manager Platform has all the features you need to get your accommodation to the top. Constant updates are made and new functions are added according to the new market trends.

Useful Tools For Everyone

Ratestrip tools are designed to suit the needs of all accommodations regardless of the type or category they belong to. Whether you have a small Boutique Hotel or a large hotel group, Ratestrip will fully cover your needs.

Statistics available on the platform

On the Hotel Manger Platform you see plenty of performance statistics for your website and for Ratestrip, which help you find your strengths that are worth promoting, but also factors that need improvement.

Conversion Rate

Perhaps the most important number! See how many of your guests made direct bookings.

Revenue per Room Type

View your reservations by room type in order to know what is most profitable for you.

Visits per Country

Promote your accommodation in the areas with the most website visits to get more bookings.

Revenue Desktop – Mobile Analysis

See the website traffic per device and create the right offers.

Parity Reports

Check for any unwanted price reductions on the channels and make the necessary corrections.

Revenue per Visit

See how much money you earn from each visitor entering your website.

Increase your credibility

Gain the trust of your visitors by displaying on your website all the available online prices.

Easier navigation experience

Present on your website all the information that visitors are looking for before making a reservation.

Strengthen your brand name

Using a modern tool such as Ratestrip enhances the reputation and brand name of your hotel.

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