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52% definite visitors

this is the percentage of travelers who will visit your hotel website after navigating through your rooms via an OTA first.

85% are looking for the best price

this percentage of travelers stated that the “PRICE” rate is the most important factor before completing their booking.

76% will pay more

76% of travelers are willing to pay more for their stay when the hotel has a high rating and positive reviews.

95% research through comments

this percentage does research by reading the accommodation’s reviews from multiple sources before completing their booking.

Our presence in foreign markets increases our creativity.

Watch our new video on how the “RateStrip” Price Check Widget & Review Monitor increases your hotel revenue.

Boost Your Hotel’s Direct Bookings With Ratestrip

(for your hotel's website and more)

Get inspired by the OTAs strategy. Clearly inform website visitors of price differences between your hotel’s official website and the OTA price.
Increase direct bookings through tools that create urgency for your customers, including a countdown clock for special offers, graphics showing the available rooms, as wells as the number of recent bookings.

It's time to maximize your direct bookings.

How can you convert your website visitors into direct bookings?
By offering a personalized experience with smart tools created by

Targeted user experience
+ conversion

Positive user experience can lead to great results. Making the most of technology and the smartest marketing practices, we redefine your customers’ online experience by bringing unexpectedly high revenue to your hotel.

Promotion of offers + services

Before you differentiate yourself from the competition, differentiate yourself from OTAs. With Ratestrip Price Check widget you can smartly build your strategy, offering unique experiences and value propositions for each of your target audiences. This way, you will dramatically increase the conversion rate of your website.

Personalization options through your website

Turn your website into a new, fully dynamic online environment and discover all the smart tools that “catch” the attention of users. Increase your conversion rates and earn more direct bookings.

Display ratings from multiple sources

The platform identifies which reviews lead to higher conversions and automatically displays them to your customers! Present the hotel ranking from many sources, such as, Trip Advisor,, Google, Facebook, Expedia etc.

Understanding customer behavior:

0 %
of travelers visit the official website of the hotel, after navigating through your rooms through the OTA.
0 %
of travelers stated that the "PRICE" rate is the most important factor before completing their reservation.
0 %
travelers read the accommodation's reviews before completing their booking.
0 %
of travelers are willing to pay more when the hotel has a high rating.

The magical add-ons that increase direct bookings

Price Comparison Tool

Travelers are looking for the best deals before booking their stay. They will usually visit several websites in order to find the best price. With RateStrip you offer real-time price comparison by keeping them on your website!

Review Monitor

OTAs such as and AirBnB make reviews a vital part of their content strategy. We significantly improve your conversion rate by strategically presenting reviews directly on your website.

Parity Alert Report

We simplify complex price control tasks. You are notified by email of the changes in OTA prices and you are always assured that your hotel website's visitors will always receive the best price for direct booking.


We create a feeling of urgency with automatic messages based on the activity of your website. Select to display notifications such as "number of active users currently", "last booking date".

Live Chat

Reduce bounce rate and ensure communication with potential customers no matter where you are. Sound complicated? You can easily provide support with the live chat software on your hotel's website.

Price Tracking

Sometimes guests want to plan their trip without booking a room yet. Through the price tracking option located on your website, you inform them of any drops on the room price for the dates they have chosen.

A powerful, new technology solution for hotels.

We are constantly updating the capabilities of the platform, in order to keep you at the top of the competition.

Save searches

Win over travelers who are still searching.

Rate calendar

Help travelers find the perfect dates and prices for their stay.

Targeted messages

Communicate with visitors through dynamic messages that enhance conversions.

Price Tracking

Our system allows your customers to save their searches and receive an email with the best available price.


The built-in metasearch tool searches for real-time price percentages in OTAs and automatically assigns prices.

Optimized performance

Secure mobile demand and increase your performance with a dedicated mobile experience that works perfectly on your website.

Ratestrip Price Check Widget & Hotel Manager Platform

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