Send web notifications through your website!

Create personalized notifications, and have them delivered to each user at the ideal time of day. With web notes, you can see transactions through by offering a coupon to customers who added an item to their cart and left your store before completing their purchase.

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Set it and forget it. Automatically send relevant notifications to users. Its simple!

Our customers tell us they can’t believe how easy it was to get started.


price comparison tool -

Web Notifications on website

Automatic Notes

Promote your visitors to a web alert reservation.
Automatically post messages based on your site activity (e.g., “number of users searching for this hotel now”) and create customized notes to highlight specific benefits (e.g., “free cancellation up to 24 hours before Check in “).
At the same time you can show the number of bookings made in a day and more..!

Messenger Integration

Help your clients easily, make contact with your business via messenger.

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Click to Call – Call me back

It easy for visitors of your site to quickly reach your reception by phone

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More Direct Bookings

Start generating more direct bookings with Ratestrip platform

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Flexibility & Speed

Widget can integrate beautifully into any page in your booking path.

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Let’s Increase
your direct bookings

We will assist you maximise your profitability and boost your conversion rate.