Case Study :
Exclusive Plan Suites

See below how Ratestrip has helped Exclusive Plan Suites increase its online bookings and improve its online image.

Case Study : Exclusive Plan Suites

The client

Exclusive Plan Suites is a complex of 7 suites in Firostefani, Santorini and is a member of the Exclusive Plan Hotels Selection group. It has a wonderful view of the deep blue Aegean and the other islands of the Cyclades, while it is the perfect location for those who want to admire the enchanting sunset of the island.
The property welcomes visitors every year from all over the world but mainly from England, US, France and Germany. It offers breakfast based on Greek cuisine and has a jacuzzi and massage services. It is the ideal choice for those who want a relaxing but at the same time luxurious stay.


Collaboration with Ratestrip

The collaboration of the accommodation with Abouthotelier started in the middle of 2019.
The goal was to create a new, modern website and activate Ratestrip to enhance direct bookings. The customer wanted to offer a better and more lively navigation experience to the visitor and our team made the appropriate steps to achieve this.

Stage 1

The first step of our collaboration with the Exclusive Plan was the presentation of all their products and capabilities, so that we can find together what suits them best and how they will benefit the most.


Booking Engine Offers

It is very important for visitors to understand that it is in their interest to make a reservation from the hotel’s main website and to see immediately what offers are available. So, we activated the Booking Engine Offers on the Exclusive Plan page, i.e. the offers that were available on the booking engine. Visitors saw the offers as they entered the site without having to search any further which resulted in a significant increase in direct bookings.

Price Comparison

Direct comparison between official price & OTAs.

To increase the Conversion Rate of a hotel it is very important for visitors to see that it is in their interest to book from the website and not to look for lower prices elsewhere. We have enabled the Price Comparison in Exclusive Plan Suites, so that guests can see all the available prices online, thus increasing the chances of a direct booking.

Exit Pop Up

A smart way to keep visitors on the website.

We activated through the Exclusive Plan Suites an Exit Pop Up with a beautiful photo which appeared as soon as a visitor was about to leave the site. The message was about the discount that was offered by the accommodation for a stay of 2 nights or more, and the goal was to attract even more visitors. The Discover More button led to the booking engine, at the link of the respective offer.

Stage 2

Necessary training


As soon as the setup was completed by the technical department and the Ratestrip was activated on the website, the necessary training took place. An appointment through call was arranged with the Manager of the Exclusive Plan as well as with the other employees who would manage the platform, in order to see in detail all the functions and possibilities offered by the tool.

Stage 3

Website Optimization

The client’s website team took all the necessary steps to be fully optimized on all devices (desktop, tablet or mobile), to increase its speed and to improve its SEO. The site is the first image a visitor receives and for this reason it should have an easy navigation experience and be able to immediately show the information the visitors are looking for.

Strategic plan

A priority in any hotel is to increase direct bookings. However, every customer is different, has different needs and addresses a different audience. That is why the appropriate tools that will perfectly suit the customer’s needs must be activated. To achieve this we create a strategic plan different for each customer, with everything that needs to be done to achieve the goals that each hotelier has.

Stage 4

Necessary Actions in the era of COVID-19


During the outbreak of COVID-19 the situation in the hotel industry deteriorated considerably and direct bookings were more important than ever, since as much profit as possible had to be secured. For the smooth reopening of the Exclusive Plan, an immediate notification was created informing the guests that the accommodation is working again and that it is receiving all the necessary protection measures. Ratestrip gives the opportunity for fast and easy creation of messages and offers, so it helped a lot since in addition to price information visitors saw all the latest updates in such a fluid period. In constant cooperation with the client, we always created the appropriate messages with the right information in order to successfully enhance direct sales.

Parity Alerts

The necessary control to avoid disparities.

Disparities, that is, the prices of the channels that are cheaper than the official price, are an undesirable situation. Especially at the time of COVID-19 when profits were already low, the Exclusive Plan had to find ways to control and avoid this. That’s why Parity Alerts Reports were activated. If the system recognizes some disparity in a channel then the following is done: First, the price of the channel is hidden from the website so that visitors do not see that there is a lower one in another channel and leave the website. And secondly, the hotelier is informed via email that there is some disparity in order to change the price on this channel and again become the most advantageous for the visitor.

Stage 5
Online Check In for less personal contact

The next step was to open the hotel under safer conditions for everyone (guests and staff). Thus, Exclusive Plan Suites activated Online Check In. With this service, all guests receive an email or message on their mobile phone at specific hours or days before arrival and can fill in all their personal information before they even arrive at the property. With this tool the arrival process is done without personal contact and much faster. Guests were completely satisfied with this method as they felt safe and more confident in the accommodation. Also, the important advantage of the service is that the Check In could be sent to all reservations, online and offline.

The next day

The current period finds our cooperation with the Exclusive Plan in excellent conditions. There is good communication, we fully understand their needs and we propose new solutions in order to achieve an even greater increase in direct bookings, more profits and a better experience for visitors.

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