Case Study:
Contaratos Beach Hotel

See below how Ratestrip enhanced the online image of Contaratos Beach Hotel and increased its direct bookings.

Case Study: Contaratos Beach Hotel

The client

Contaratos Beach Hotel has thirty-six rooms, 30m2 each, which aspire to be the summer boutique refuge for travelers who enjoy moments of complete relaxation overlooking the gardens or the magnificent pool.


Collaboration with Ratestrip

The owners of Contaratos Beach Hotel contacted our team in January 2017, to enhance their online performance, direct sales through their website and consequently to increase their revenue.
They wanted their offers to be presented more attractively and to improve the design of the website in order to show their customers, in a friendly and easy-to-use way, the main features of the accommodation. The hotel team also wanted a more user-friendly booking process and an improved marketing strategy for direct bookings.

Stage 1
Strategic Planning

The first steps taken by the team were to investigate the condition of the hotel. We looked for the location of the accommodation in the market, better approached the main features that distinguish it from the competition, analyzed the location of the accommodation and finally, discussed the methods followed in previous years.

Website Optimization

We have implemented a new friendly and easy-to-use conversion website which would perform perfectly on all devices (Desktop – Tablet – Mobile). We created the right content with the free tools of Google (Keyword Planner) and followed a smart strategy to improve the ranking of the website in Google through ON page – Off page SEO. At the same time, we repurposed the same content into Google Adwords and social media channels for the campaigns we followed. Finally, we developed an easy-to-use environment for adding and utilizing emailing lists of real hotel guests and all travel agents who were interested in the accommodation.

Stage 2

Price Comparison

We have placed the Ratestrip software on the hotel website to display the online prices of the accommodation as a smart metasearch channel. The visitors saw in the website the available prices of the channels and understood that the most advantageous option for them was to make a reservation through the Booking Engine.

Stage 3

Booking Engine Offers

To attract the accommodation’s audience even more, we activated the Booking Engine Offers. In other words, we connected the offers of the booking engine with the website so that they are visible on the site as well. Many times visitors just wander around a website without reaching the booking engine page and thus do not see extra benefits or offers that are available there. So we gave them this opportunity through Ratestrip.

Stage 4

Web Notifications

Web Notifications are a quick way to show your visitors the messages you want right away. So, you can inform them about an offer or service that you may want to promote or display one of the ready-made messages that exist and are related to the interaction of visitors with the site (e.g. how many visitors are currently on the site).

Stage 5

Price Tracking

Price Tracking is a smart feature to keep in touch with your prospective guests. Guests choose the date they are interested in, enter their email and if the price for the date decreases, visitors receive a notification in their email. So you keep in touch with them, remind them of your presence and at the same time have access to their email and you can use it in your next campaign.

Stage 6

Necessary Actions in the era of Covid-19


The outbreak of Covid-19 and the mandatory closure of all accommodation brought new data to hotel businesses. With the reopening of Contaratos, the goal was to further increase direct bookings and maintain communication with the public for the best possible results.

Informative Pop Ups
In difficult times like COVID-19, constantly informing visitors about the conditions at the accommodation can make a difference. So, in order for Contaratos to inform its visitors daily about what is new, a Pop Up has been activated. The Pop Up was about all the latest updates that the hotel wanted to present to its audience and led to the respective subpage that had been created and related to the measures for Covid.

Use of Email Marketing to improve interaction with visitors

To strengthen Contaratos’ relationship with its audience even after check out, Email Marketing was activated so that campaigns can be sent in a very easy way. The service also includes useful statistics and reports, as well as a link to all online bookings. Using segmentations allows you to send more targeted and personalized campaigns that will attract visitors even more.

The next day

23 months after the start of our cooperation with Contaratos Beach Hotel, having applied our modern digital marketing plan, the results we have recorded are impressive. The traffic of the website has increased, the abandonment rate has decreased and most importantly, the direct bookings and the income of the hotel have increased.

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