Case Study: Palladion
Boutique Hotel

See how Ratestrip has increased direct hotel bookings and improved its relationship with its guests.

Case Study: Palladion Boutique Hotel

The client

Palladion is a Boutique Hotel located in the heart of the city of Argos, just 10 km from beautiful Nafplio and consists of 10 rooms. It offers Greek breakfast, while its services include babysitting, transfer from transport stations, car – motorbike rental and treatment services such as hairdressing or massage.
The hotel’s visitors consist of guests who want to enjoy their vacation and admire the nearby attractions of the area, but also of guests who travel for business purposes. Years of experience in the tourism industry, the hospitable staff and the warm welcome make it an ideal choice for accommodation in Argos.


Collaboration with Ratestrip

Palladion started using Ratestrip in early 2017, with the aim of increasing direct bookings and hotel revenue, as there were several bookings but most were made through other channels.

Stage 1
Price Comparison

The first step we took to increase direct hotel bookings was of course the activation of the Price Comparison Tool. Visitors saw the official price and the online prices of other channels such as Booking, Expedia and Hotels and could easily understand that it is in their interest to book from the website. It was also very important that the Loyalty discount was evident on the website so visitors saved even more money by making their booking on the website.

Stage 2

Channels ratings & comments

Another reason Palladion visitors were looking on other channels was to read past reviews in order to see any advantages or disadvantages of the hotel. So we activated the reviews from Booking, Expedia, Hotels, TripAdvisor and Google on its website so that visitors did not have to look elsewhere. And for even greater control, the hotel staff could turn it off if they wanted to hide a negative comment.

Parity Alerts

Finally, to avoid any unwanted price reductions on the channels, Parity Alerts were activated. Each time the price on a channel was reduced more than the official price, the accommodation staff received an informative email to change it, if they wished. At the same time, the specific price was hidden from the website so that the booking engine always remains the best choice for the visitor.

Stage 3

Benefits and services display


Besides the prices, we wanted to attract visitors with another benefit to have definite results. So, we activated the Why Book Directly feature. Services offered by the hotel for those who make a direct reservation through the website but not through other channels. Guests had one more reason to book directly from Palladion’s website.

Stage 4

Google Map Close Points

To make it even easier for visitors to navigate, we enabled Google Map Close Points. Important points of interest near the hotel such as restaurants, bars, cafes, museums and banks. So they did not have to leave the site and look for this information elsewhere after seeing it on Ratestrip.

Necessary Actions in the era of COVID-19

The mandatory closure of hotels imposed in the spring of 2020 brought unrest and uncertainty to the tourism industry. The reopening of Palladion was a risk so the right strategy had to be created based on the existing needs and the appropriate tools had to be activated, always after our communication with the customer.

Stage 5

Continuous updating of visitors with targeted Pop Ups


The reopening of the hotel created the need for daily updating of guests with information about protection measures, changes in operating dates or other relevant announcements. Through Ratestrip, Pop Ups could be created easily and quickly for constant updating. This way the hotel gained the trust of the visitors, who felt more secure knowing that on the website they will find all the information they need.

Stage 6

Live Chat for fast communication
Live Chat was activated on the Palladion page to ensure direct communication between guests and the hotel. Live Chat is a useful and easy-to-use tool that allows any accommodation’s staff to chat with guests in real time. The operator can answer questions quickly or promote an offer. This way the hotel creates a deeper relationship with the visitor, keeps them on the site longer and the chances of completing a direct booking are increased.

The next day

Today we still have an excellent cooperation with the hotel. Direct bookings have increased with the comparison tool, communication with guests has improved through chat, while every time the accommodation’s owner wants to inform visitors about something, a pop up can be easily created. The support department provides the necessary help where needed, informs about all new updates and suggests new solutions.

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