Covid -19

Covid-19 has brought many changes into our lives, which naturally affect hotel businesses as well. But we have the tools and solutions to properly promote your hotel to your future guests and to help you recover quickly from any losses.

Covid -19 in Hospitality

The situation with the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly affected the tourism industry and has changed the habits of visitors. Fortunately, restrictions and bans have been eased and hoteliers are beginning to regain hope for future improvement. But the right decisions must be made as well as the appropriate measures for recovery, according to the needs of each accommodation.


See below examples of statistics to help you manage your accommodation better and understand your audience in depth.

Reservations per room type

See the rooms that receive the most bookings, so you know which ones to promote and which ones need improvements.

Traffic by country

For example if you have more visitors coming from Portugal, you could create an offer specifically for this country.

Live visitors on your website

See how many visitors are currently on your website and send them a live message promoting the room or service you want.

Tips for reopening hotels

Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the mandatory closure of all hotels and accommodation last spring, we have slowly begun to return to normal. Most of the accommodations have started operating again, while those that have not been opened yet are preparing to do so soon. Conditions in the hotel industry have changed significantly, and new ways of approaching and interacting with travelers need to be found. See below examples of hotels that have followed clever strategies to increase their direct bookings during their reopening period.

1. Reassure your guests and let them know when you reopen.

Create a pop up with all the necessary information about the date of the reopening of your hotel and all the protection measures you take. This will make your guests feel more secure.

2. Focus on domestic tourism.

Domestic tourism is the first piece of the puzzle that can return to normal. As there are still several bans and severely restrictive measures for overseas travel, domestic flights operate more smoothly. Thus, you can present visitors with the opportunity to travel to their country. A smart strategy would be to create special offers for locals to entice them. A clever message that will spark your visitor’s interest with a beautiful photo is the perfect choice.

3. Offer your services in new ways.

Several hotel restaurants are still closed to the public. So you can start their reopening with home delivery or pick up from the hotel. It is a good opportunity for guests to taste your cuisine and get to know you.

4. Create new marketing tactics and reward those who deserve it.

Try to think of alternatives to attract new visitors. Many accommodations have begun offering discounts to nursing staff or other professionals who have contributed to the pandemic. This way you thank them for everything they have done, while at the same time, motivating them to book.

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