Click to call for hotels

Click to call for hotels by Abouthotelier is a powerful addition to Ratestrip that aims to improve communication with your visitors. It is a tool that increases phone bookings, reduces the bounce rate of your website and enhances the interaction with your audience.

What is the service click to call
by Abouthotelier

Click to call is integrated into your hotel website via Ratestrip. The first step is for the visitor
to enter their name and phone number (mobile or landline). Within a few seconds the hotelier receives
a call on their phone and is informed about the country that the click to call comes from. If they
wish, they accept the call and communicate automatically with the guest, otherwise they can reject
it and the guest can be informed that someone from the hotel will contact them soon.

Call history

In the service you will see detailed information about every call that was made, as well as guests’ information.

Useful statistics

See useful statistics in the easy-to-use Hotel Manager Platform and see what your target group is.

Worldwide coverage

Click to call by Abouthotelier can serve calls worldwide with absolutely no problems.

Billing history

See your charges analytically for every call that was made so that you have full control of the service.

How click to call increases
your bookings

Many visitors prefer the directness of a phone conversation rather than communicating via email.
Enabling them to chat with you for free keeps your future guests satisfied, improves the service
you provide them and increases the chances of turning them into direct bookings!


Click to call for hotels

Click to call greatly facilitates hotels that don’t have a 24-hour reception but want to communicate with their guests at any time. You can connect the service to any phone you want, so you can use it in the way that suits you best.

Click to call for villas

Click to call is the ideal tool for villas as it largely serves accommodations that don’t have a reception with specific opening hours. Connect the service to your mobile and communicate with your guests at any time, from wherever you are without any restrictions.


Click to call for group / chains

Connect the click to call service with your hotels to further enhance your call center and communication with your audience. You can use a common account for all accommodations or connect a different phone number per accommodation.

Improve the communication
with your visitors

Click to call is the most modern way to communicate with your audience. Guests benefit as the call
for them is free. At the same time, you can connect the service to any phone you wish without being restricted
to being in the hotel. Also, you know before you even answer the call from which country
it comes from, and you have the option to reject it if it does not belong to your target group.

Friendly design

Click to call’s design is user-friendly and has been developed to integrate well into any website without any problems.

Easy installation

Click to call is easily integrated into any website through a simple code, without the need for additional changes in the website’s structure.

Mobile friendly

The click to call service is compatible on all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile) so that you can use it in the way that works best for you.

Blocking unwanted countries

Block the countries that you don’t want to connect to the service so that its use suits your needs even more.

Do you have questions?

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Or, you can navigate through our most frequently asked questions.

Click to call is a modern way of telephone communication. Basically, the visitor adds their phone number and sends a request to be called from the hotel. The hotelier receives an incoming call through the dedicated number purchased to be used in the service. If they wish, they accept the call and the same dedicated number calls the visitor. If the hotelier doesn’t wish to proceed with the call they rejects it, and the guest receives a notice that someone from the hotel will contact them shortly.

All you need to do is integrate the click to call code into your website and purchase a new dedicated phone number to connect to the service.

On the platform you can have access to the visitors’ details (name and phone number), their country, the number of calls made, the cost and duration of each call.

The cost per call varies depending on the country of the visitor. Also, in the Hotel Manger Platform you can see in detail the cost and duration of each call. Please contact us if you need more information.

Yes you can. Through the setup there is the possibility to block the countries that don’t belong to your target group so that the service is even more practical for you.

Yes you can! Besides Ratestrip, you can link the service to the homepage or contact page of your website.

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