Why to invest in the online bookings?

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The percentage of users making a booking at a hotel through the network is rapidly increasing every year.

Did you know that a percentage of 50% of these visitors consider the price, as the most important information, that could be obtained through your website? Or that over a half of the users are looking for the prices in all the channels, prior to proceeding to a booking, but they prefer to have a closer relationship of trust with the accommodation offered?

Through this data, combined with factors to be developed below, it is highlighted how important remains for the hoteliers, to promote the bookings through their hotel.

The tourism and hospitality industry is mainly based on the human relationships. Following the announcement made by Booking.com that it will not provide data of the bookings to the hoteliers anymore, the relationships with the customers are becoming even more difficult. On the contrary, at the moment someone makes a booking directly at your hotel, the possibility of a direct communication with them is broadly provided. In this way you “build” a relationship with your customers, while at the same time you are directly informed regarding everything to be done, for making your customer’s stay even better. Besides, in the case the customers are satisfied, then they would never hesitate to choose your place again for their next vacations (holidays). The conclusion is always the same the communication with the customers is everything.

The preparation occupies the greater part of a trip. The travellers are searching everything and they prepare their holidays to the finest detail. Knowing a few things about them will make easy your task to inform them for everything they need. Forward an email, including the number of services available at your hotel, or reply to the questions that might have relating to their booking. In the future, everything will be done through the mobile devices. Try to be well prepared.
However, the direct bookings will present a great impact on the profits of your business. How many times you have not thought of the high commissions necessary to be paid to OTAs, so the actual profit of a booking becomes tiny? It is about time to invest in the direct bookings through your website.

See here the ways you could use to increase your direct bookings!