What to expect in the Travel Industry in 2017!

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Despite the difficulties it faces, the tourist industry keeps growing each year and this year will be no exception. The two main factors that will shape the trends that prevail in 2017 are technology and the new generation of travellers known as millennials. On one hand, technology and its rapid development shape the way people travel – from selecting a destination to how they want to travel. On the other hand, the new generation of travellers, influenced by this explosion of technology, is the one that will define the future of the travel sector. After all, it is the one that wants to travel more.

This new generation of travellers seems to seek holidays that will provide them with unique experiences and bring them closer to the place they visit. In contrast to previous generations that preferred quiet holidays with the aim to unwind, millennials look for organised holiday packages that include activities and interactive experiences. This also applies to the cases of business travel. Even then, the travellers find the time for a few moments of relaxation and contact with the place they are visiting.

Now days everything happens online, so the entire itinerary of a trip is pre-planned. From the flight people will book and the hotel they will stay in, to the maps accessible via mobile phone to facilitate their trip. There are already several platforms the users can connect to and manage their entire trip quickly and easily. And more of them are expected. Everything revolves around the consumer and making things easier for them. With a click the traveller will be in a position to choose from the thousands of choices put at his disposal.

Naturally, the online travel agencies (OTAs) will be dominant this year as well and will reach more and more users of the new generation. On the other hand, the attitude of big hotels towards them and the push for direct bookings will yield results. A gradual increase of direct bookings is expected, that will be solidified in the coming years.

So it seems that 2017 will be a good and positive year for the travel industry. The continually developing trends of technology and the demands of the so called millennials will meet each other.