Improve your hotel’s website and get many more direct bookings!

tips for websites -

As nowadays, everything happens online, it is natural for travelers to perform an online research before making a booking at a hotel. It is therefore natural for them to visit several different websites before ending up at the final accommodation choice that they will use for their holidays. So, what will make your site stand out from the rest of the sites?

It should be mobile friendly

Nowadays, most searches are made via mobile devices (smart phones, tablets…). You must make sure that when a visitor visits your website from his cell phone that he has the same experience as visiting the website from a computer. Otherwise, the user will leave the website and proceed to the next one.

The photographs that will promote your hotel

It is said that «a picture is equal to a thousand words». Choose photographs that promote your accommodation and your rooms in the best way. In each case, make sure that the photographs fully comply with what you provide.

Include reviews – even the bad ones

While searching for and locating the right hotel, travellers are strongly influenced by the reviews that they read. Do not hesitate to include even the bad reviews on your website. Instead, try to respond to these, thereby gaining the trust of the – potential- clients.

Display the prices of your rooms correctly

There are still many users that believe that they will find better prices on the online sales channels than on your hotel’s official website. Inform these people through your website that this is not true. Even better, use the RateStrip widget of Abouthotelier in order to display the real price of your accommodation in comparison to the prices that are displayed on your sales channels. In this manner you can convert your website visitor to a direct booking by offering them the same or even a lower special price.