RateStrip widget: Adapt it to your needs!

ratestrip widget - Ratestrip.com

The Ratestrip widget of Abouthotelier, concerning the prices comparison is adapted in an easy and fast way on the website of each hotel and guarantees the increase of your online bookings. As a tool, gives you the possibility to promote through your page, the best available price on the internet.

Users would be able to see the lowest price on the internet in real time and with the use of a single click to be directed to the web booking for checking the availability and proceeding to the final booking.

Ratestrip provides any hotelier with a full control of all bookings made directly on its web page. The data analysis and the statistical facts offered, would lead to all necessary measures to be adopted for increasing the total number of online bookings.

A very important point, the “Ratestrip” widget is adapted according to your data and expectations! Shape it as you wish, expressing your website’s image and add any information or offers to lead your visitors to an online booking.



  • Adapt the colours and the fonts so they are in a harmony with the respective of your web site.
  • Add pictures, background and information convincing your customers to proceed to an online booking
  • The possibility of adding available offers of your accommodation is also allowed.
  • Adjust the pages on which any information is presented.
  • Add a booking link for a direct transfer to the web booking engine
  • The system can accept a “Multiple Property” for the selection of multiple hotels.