Compare & Save money. Its simple!

You can present to your website visitor the special price, or loyalty rates you desire
for that period to get the direct booking. Boost your conversion rate and get more…

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Price comparison Tool

With the Price Comparison tool you can display on your website the best available price on the web in real time. The visitors to your site will love this function and they will know that your site offers them the lowest booking price. This way you will build a relationship of trust with most of your guests!

Web Notifications

Promote your visitors to a web alert reservation.
Automatically post messages based on your site activity (e.g., “number of users searching for this hotel now”) and create customized notes to highlight specific benefits (e.g., “free cancellation up to 24 hours before Check in “). At the same time you can show the number of bookings made in a day and more!

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exit popup -

Call to action messages

Include added value messages to prompt direct bookings in your website. There are various reasons why you need to enable the exit popup on your hotel’s website. The most important one is to get a booking but other purposes include a newsletter subscription, some comments, a possible share on social media, a questionnaire, a special warning or simply a lead collection.

Messenger chatbot

Abouthotelier Messenger Bots is ultimate marketing tool for hoteliers which brings a convenience way to help you build your own AI, manage leads, subscriptions and marketing plans with no fuss. Yes! It’s not just a messenger bot plugin, it’s an experience.

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click to call -

Click to call services

A special button is installed on your website. The system uses the latest technology that converts Web traffic into voice telephone connections using Voice over IP. Phone connections take place in the same way as those dialed from a conventional landline or mobile phones. The click-to-call service can be used with any computer connected to the internet through a Web browser.

Hotel Manager Platfrom

You gain access to the most comprehensive hotel management platform you could ever imagine. With your hotel in focus we provide you with all the necessary tools to increase your profitability and manage your bookings in real time.

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