We have a powerful platform
that increases your profits

Our Platform

You gain access to the most comprehensive hotel management platform you could ever imagine. With your hotel in focus we provide you with all the necessary tools to increase your profitability and manage your bookings in real time.


gives you a summary of the most important information


where you can define your preferred styles

Live editor

where you can see in real time all changes


window where you can setup the widget

hotel management platform - Ratestrip.com

Rate manager

for setting up your preferred rates


where you can have all the reservations in one page

Automated offers

for setting up special conditions for the customers


where you can see a comprehensive information window


You can add or remove as many summary boxes you like so that you can always have available on our dynamic dashboard all the information that matter the most for you. You can see the number of bookings, the website visits, statistics about conversion rate and many more…


Here you can define the preferred style of the available widget. You can set it up the way that suits your website the most and style it according to the colours of your current website. All the changes can also be visible on our live editor.


We have prepared very interesting statistics screens related to your hotel. You can examine your visits, the clicks, the bookings, the profit, the conversion. You can also have information related to country of origin of your guests and visitors in order to help you take important decisions for your business.


Here you have numerous options to make the widget work the way you prefer on your website. You can define the visibility, the preferred OTAs, the page urls, favicon and logo, setup specific date range for the widget and many more. We give you all the necessary tools to make the widget work the way you want.


On this screen you have comprehensive information regarding your reservations. We offer you details regarding your clients, the source of booking, the dates, the rate and many more. You can sort them the way that suits your needs.

Rate Manager

You can add as many rates as you prefer for the different rooms and the different option you offer to your potential clients. You can also define special rates according to specific periods and many more options so that you can provide your clients with as many booking options as possible.

Exit Pop up Box

When visitors try to close the browser or try to close tabs the browser window it show a modal box with your message configured in Hotel Manager platform. When the visitor move the mouse ponter from your webpage area to the browser’s toolbar to go back,  write a new URL or any other task On Exit Popup Box will be launched.

Web Analytics 360

Improve the customer experience with digital analytics by Abouthotelier.com. 360 Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Abouthotelier that tracks and reports about the increases in data limits, data integrations, and new features that sets  from the free version.

hotel management platform - Ratestrip.com

hotel management platform - Ratestrip.com

hotel management platform - Ratestrip.com

Why Choose Us

hotel management platform - Ratestrip.com

Understand your client’s needs

Easy implementation

All in one tool

Boost your direct bookings

Increase you convention rate

Maximise your profitability

Better pricing model

Ultimate support

Come closer with your clients

Monetise on your marketing efforts

Our Process


Understand your needs and evaluate the necessary tools



Implement the best solution for your hotel needs



Train you how to maximise its usability



Monitor its performance and make necessary adjustments



Maintenance of the widget so that it brings best results