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Include added value messages to prompt direct bookings in your website. There are various reasons why you need to enable the exit popup on your hotel’s website.

Popups that drive instant bookings.

Offer your website visitor an offer they cannot refuse and maximise your direct bookings. This is one of the best ways to get a booking from a website visitor who is about to leave your website. Place the exit popup strategically and when triggered the visitor of your website will see the special offer you have to offer, this way increasing your chances to secure a booking.

What is an exit popup?

An exit popup is a special message that appears to users as they are about to navigate away from your site. The system detects when the user is about to close the tab and the exit popup is triggered.

The most common type for an exit popup is to display a special message showing why visitors of your website shouldn’t leave it. As an example, when a visitor of your website decides to leave, a special popup will be displayed offering something that can persuade the customer to stay, or to book, or to subscribe etc.

Sometimes the information on the exit popup is already on your website and other times it only appears as a special, time specific, offer. The main purpose of the exit popup is to direct the visitor to make a booking or buy a service you offer. It is considered the last attempt to convert a visitor to a buyer or subscriber.


Include added value messages to prompt
direct bookings in your website

There are various reasons why you need to enable the exit popup on your hotel’s website. The most important one is to get a booking but other purposes include a newsletter subscription, some comments, a possible share on social media, a questionnaire, a special warning or simply a lead collection.

Time Based Discount

You can offer a special price if the client proceeds with the booking within a specific time frame. This offer can be either a discount or an extra upgrade of their intended booking.

Special Offer

You can offer a special discount for those who share with you their email address or even subscribe on your newsletter list. Common practice is to offer a free ebook upon newsletter subscription.

Customer Support

You can trigger this when customers are on a specific page of your website. If you combine it with any other means of getting in touch, the client will be positively surprised with what is on offer.

Social Media Integration

You can design an exit popup that is related to your social media. Clients are encouraged to share something they find on your website and they enjoy special offers.

Ask Their Opinion

You can collect helpful feedback from all those clients who decide to click away from your website. This intel can be very helpful when it comes to decision making. In some cases to get to know why your visitors are leaving is invaluable!

Mobile Devices Users

There are special functions with which you can enable the exit popup to appear on mobile devices. You can always combine the use of the previous types of exit popups with the mobile version ones.

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