How Click-to-Call works

A special button is installed on your website. The system uses the latest technology that converts Web traffic into voice telephone connections using VoIP (Voice over IP). Phone connections take place in the same way as those dialed from a conventional landline or mobile phones. The click-to-call service can be used with any computer connected to the internet through a Web browser.

Click-to-Call on the website

A click-to-call button can be placed in the main part of any hotel website. 80% of online searchers use click-to-call, so why not give every client an easy, free way to connect with your hotel? They simply fill-in their number and they get connected with your hotel!

Click-to-Call in newsletters

A click-to-call button can be embedded in any newsletter, in a banner advertisement or even in an e-mail message.This way, clients will see what you have on offer & will get in touch with your reception desk without incurring any cost.

Click-to-Call goes social

Use the click-to-call button on all your social network campaigns. Create ads that can help your potential clients getting in touch with you!

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Click-to-Call on the mobiles

When clients are searching for hotels on their smartphones, they sometimes prefer to call a hotel rather than visit its website. Now you can make it even easier for potential customers to get in touch with you by adding a clickable business phone number in ads that appear on smartphones. And don’t forget, most mobile devices are also phones! So why not create click-to-call buttons? This way most clients will have the chance to get in touch with you instantly and get answers to any of their questions.

Instant Access Was Never So Easy

With our click-to-call service you give the opportunity to your clients to get in touch with your reception desk from their own place, without any cost being involved. You present your hotel to the potential clients and have the chance to increase your bookings.

More direct Bookings

Your reception will get the chance to convert any call to a booking. Your customer calls because they are interested in making the booking at your hotel. So now it is much easier for your trained staff to convert the call to a booking, this way reducing the booking costs.

Less work for the Call center

With click-to-call your call center spends less time to service your clients. The calls are answered instantly, by the right person, at the right moment. The system connects you first, asks you to accept or not the call and then connects the client. You will also have all customers’ important information recorded in the system.

Easy to install

Click-to-Call button is super easy to install and encourages more website visitors to contact your reception. Click-to-call button works with any website, with any device that has internet access, even on mobiles.

Ready to use on any website

Add on your website click-to-call optimised for mobile devices, so clients can call you faster from any page, anywhere. You can install it in minutes on any web platform. You can customise it to look integrated to your hotel’s colours and make instant use of the latest technology to get in touch with your clients.

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Better customer integration

With the click-to-call you let customers connect when they need you the most!
For every hotel the most important advantage of the click-to-call button is the ability to instantly convert Internet-based visitors into actual bookings.

Advantages of Click-to-Call

There are numerous reasons why to install the click-to-call button on your website or even start using it on any online campaigns.

Easy to implement
The click-to-call button is very easy to implement on your current website. Any potential customer can then get in touch with you by just pressing the button and initiating the process. The client will be notified that the process has started, you will get a call asking you if you accept it and the system will finally connect you with your client’s phone.

Compatible with any current setup
The click-to-call button works on any current website you have. We will do any necessary setup and once ready the system will start working. You can have access to the comprehensive reports from any computer, tablet or mobile device. Your client will enjoy a service that runs on any machine that has access to the internet. You only need a working telephone line to start answering the calls.

Fixed annual cost
It is important for your clients to skip the cost of any international calls and for you as a business you know what the cost of such a service can be. We provide you with an annual fixed cost for the service, no matter how many calls you will get. Any other cost is only related to your VOIP provider.

Instant results
Since everyone is now connected to the Internet and clients are searching for information online, it is common place to want to get in touch with the hotel directly to ask any questions before proceeding with a booking. You will give them the way to connect with you without them paying any money. They will be able to use this function from their mobile devices or even their PCs.

Faster response times
All your client inquiries are important. With click-to-call you give the client who uses the service priority as they will get instance answers over the phone.

Better Customer Services
Imagine the advantage you have over your competitors when you offer your clients the service to call you anytime, from anywhere in the world without them paying a dime. You show that you are a hotel that cares about their clients. You can have your reception desk answering any issue or question your clients have.

Increase the sales of extra services
With click-to-call you have the chance to sell more. The client will call you to find out some information about what you offer and this way you will have the opportunity to sell more services or to inform them about any special offers you might have.

Higher conversion rate
Potential customers stay on a website for only a few seconds while searching. If you offer them the opportunity to get in touch with your hotel directly they might be persuaded over the phone to book with you. It is certain that a direct approach with your potential client increases the conversion rates of your website.

With our click-to-call service you get access to comprehensive reports. You will know who called you, when, what was the status of the call, the duration etc. You will be able to filter all the information per country, date etc. Finally what is important is that with click-to-call reports you will never lose any contact information of your clients.


About to click to call services

The click-to-call button on your hotel’s website makes it easy for visitors of your site to quickly reach your reception desk by phone with a single click.
It works on both the full website or any mobile version of it. The button can also be placed on any possible newsletter or other marketing e-material.

The website visitor will click the button and the process will be initiated. You will receive a call from our system informing you that there is a client calling from (the name of the country) and you will have the option to accept or reject the connection. Once you accept it, the system will connect you to the client.

There is an annual cost to install the system on your website and we will never charge you anything more. Any other incurring cost is only related to your VOIP provider.

You will be provided with installation instructions. Our specialists will take all necessary actions for the click-to-call button to work on your website.

There is no need for maintenance on your side. We take care of all the necessary modifications and upgrades as part of our annual service agreement.

The installation and implementation of the click-to-call button takes 2-3 working days.

There is an annual service fee that will be advised to you prior to signing the agreement.

It is very common for potential clients to get in touch with your hotel before making any booking. The click-to-call button will help them place this call, without thinking of the cost involved. By answering this call you will show higher degree of professionalism to any potential client plus you can have the chance to persuade them of any extra services you want to sell.
Do not forget: most mobile devices are actually phones!
So why not create click-to-call buttons? This way most clients will have the chance to get in touch with you instantly and get answers to any of their questions.

You will need a website, access to the internet, a VOIP connection (you can choose your own VOIP provider or we can assist you with a recommendation). If you have a VOIP system it will be integrated, or else ordinary phones can also work.

Absolutely! The click-to-call button is fully customisable. You can make it look like it was part of your initial hotel website.

You will have access to various comprehensive reports. You will know who called you, when, what was the status of the call, the duration etc. You will be able to filter all the information per country, date etc.

Absolutely! You will inform us what are the hours you accept calls, which countries to exclude from the available ones, you can even decide where the call will be directed to (landline or mobile).