5 + 1 ways to increase your direct bookings

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The greatest percentage of travellers today makes their booking on the internet. As a result it is important for each hotelier to make every effort so the majority of bookings happen directly with their hotel. We know the importance and the effectiveness of OTAs and for this reason your hotel should definitely be listed with them. But the power of your webpage also plays a major role. Through it you can promote the direct bookings effectively. The benefit to your business will be great, as by saving on the commissions you will have the chance to increase your profits.

Follow the 6 steps below to see your direct bookings increase:

  1. Correctly designed and functional webpage

Invest in the creation of a functional webpage with responsive design. Make sure it is user friendly, correctly designed and that it displays your hotel using appropriate content. As a result visitors of the site are led to bookings easier!

  1. Booking engine on your webpage

Get a booking engine and incorporate it into your webpage. Make sure it is a visible spot on your home page but on the other pages of the site as well. Even if the prices are the same as the ones offered by the OTAs you can add something extra, like an offer for a service, exclusively for those making their booking directly with you.

  1. Email you customers!

Surely have a data base with your customers’ emails. Use it effectively! Send them updating emails concerning a new service your hotel offers and refer them to the booking engine via a corresponding link. You can also inform them for an exclusive offer if they make a booking directly with your hotel.

  1. Respond to your customers’ comments!

Travellers tend to research everything about the hotel they will make a booking at and most importantly the reviews of previous customers. Make a point to encourage your guests to leave a comment and in turn make sure you answer to them. You can add these comments to your site. This will greatly increase their trust towards your hotel.

  1. Promote in Social Media

The Social Media are in our lives to stay and an online marketing approach could not bypass them. Use them to increase your direct bookings! Post links that will lead directly to your booking engine or activate offers and discounts exclusively for your fans.

  1. Price Check Widget

Incorporate the price comparison engine (RateStrip) of Abouthotelier in your page. With this engine travellers will be able to compare quickly and easily the prices offered by the OTAs and the webpage of your hotel. With a click the users will be taken directly to your booking engine so they can complete their booking. This translates to more direct bookings but also gains the trust of the visitor as far as the price you offer is concerned.

So invest in your webpage and see that you are always in touch with your visitors! When everything happens online, the right web presence is of paramount importance.
Follow the above steps and the direct bookings for your hotel will increase substantially.